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Discover the many DNA test options available from GTL

Learning the truth is important. GTL offers a variety of DNA tests that help you find the truth and put your mind at ease. Each of our tests offers you the privacy, discretion, and simplicity you need to make this experience as comforting as possible. Please read on to learn more about the variety of DNA tests we offer, including paternity tests, maternity tests, twin zygosity tests, and more.

Also, please take the time to review the difference between our informational and legally binding DNA tests. It's important to understand the difference if you ever plan to present your DNA or paternity test results in a court of law.

DNA Tests Available from GTL:

At GTL we understand that this can be an exciting and stressful time. This is why we want to make your decision as straightforward and simple as possible, so you can focus on what's really important: discovering the truth. GTL offers simple, convenient, and affordable DNA tests that provide you with the accurate results you need. For more on our DNA tests, click on the links below for information about each type of test we offer.

  • Relationship Testing

    • DNA Paternity Testing

      DNA Paternity Testing

      Informational DNA Paternity Testing starts at only $99, Legally Binding Paternity DNA Testing starts at $230...Buy Now.

    • Collect and Send Today

      Collect and Send Today

      The simplest DNA test available. You collect samples yourself from home today for shipment to GTL for DNA testing....More Info.

    • Maternity DNA Testing

      Maternity DNA Testing

      This is similar to paternity testing, but determines the probability that a woman is the biological mother of a child. DNA...Buy Now.

    • Siblingship DNA Testing

      Siblingship DNA Testing

      DNA siblingship tests determine the statistical probability of whether siblings (brothers and sisters) share the same two...Buy Now.

    • Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

      Twin Zygosity DNA Testing

      This DNA test determines whether siblings are fraternal or identical twins or siblings. The cost of the DNA testing service...Buy Now.

    • Grandparent DNA Testing

      Grandparent DNA Testing

      This DNA test determines the likelihood statistical probability that a person is the grandparent, aunt or uncle of a child....Buy Now.

    • Aunt / Uncle DNA Testing

      Aunt / Uncle DNA Testing

      This DNA test determines the likelihood statistical probability that a person is the grandparent, aunt or uncle of a child....Buy Now.

    • Missing Parent DNA Testing

      Missing Parent DNA Testing

      In cases where the mother or father is missing or deceased, this DNA test helps in determining paternity or maternity by...Buy Now.

    • Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing

      Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing

      Prenatal DNA Paternity Testing Starting at $225 Prior to a child's birth, GTL can perform a prenatal DNA paternity test...More Info.

    • X-SV Female Lineage DNA Testing

      X-SV Female Lineage DNA Testing

      The X-SV maternal lineage test is used to determine whether two or more people are related through their maternal lineage, or...Buy Now.

    • Y-STR Male Lineage DNA Testing

      Y-STR Male Lineage DNA Testing

      The Y-STR male lineage test is used to determine whether two or more males are related through their paternal lineage. The Y...Buy Now.

    • HomeKit Only

      HomeKit Only

      You may choose to only purchase the Home DNA Test Kit now and purchase the paternity testing services at a later date. The...Buy Now.

  • Ancestry & Specialty

    • Ancestral Origins DNA Ancestry

      Ancestral Origins DNA Ancestry

      Discover your GeoGenetic links with populations around the world. Ancestral Origins™ is the most refined and easy to...Buy Now.

    • iGel


      Personalize your home or office with our newest product, the iGel. iGel contains your DNA Profile printed on a printed glass...Buy Now.

  • DNA Testing

    • DNASafe™ DNA Profile

      DNASafe™ DNA Profile

      DNASafe™, an individual DNA profile, is a permanent means of individual identification. Unlike a name that may be shared, a...Buy Now.

    • HomeKit Only

      HomeKit Only

      You may choose to only purchase the Home DNA Test Kit now and purchase the paternity testing services at a later date. The...Buy Now.

    • Infidelity DNA Testing

      Infidelity DNA Testing

      Is your spouse cheating on you? Did you find a suspicious article of clothing such as a stained undergarment or other object?...More Info.

    • Immigration DNA Testing

      Immigration DNA Testing

      GTL is an approved Immigration and Naturalization Service/Department of Human Services supplier for immigration DNA testing,...More Info.

  • Health Testing

DNA & Paternity Test Results Pickup Code

For your convenience, GTL offers our DNA and paternity test results pickup code so you can view and print your results the same day the report is generated. For lost, misplaced or expired codes, a $30 charge applies to cover the generation of a new code, plus required approvals and identity verification. The new code will be activated in 1 or 2 days.

Rush Options for DNA & Paternity Test Results Delivery

If you need your DNA or paternity test results in a hurry, we offer our rushed DNA paternity test analysis services. This urgent delivery option is available for all of our DNA tests. Please view the individual DNA test pages to review the costs associated with each rush analysis option.

DNA Test Refund Policy

If samples are not submitted within one year of case initiation, the case will be closed. If a refund is filed within 15 days of the order date, refunds will be issued according to our policies (see below). Refunds for DNA or paternity test kits, Internet specials, and International orders will not be issued: all sales are final.

All refund inquiries must be accompanied by our Refund Request Form. If DNA test services are canceled before shipping and/or handling, a $35 refund processing fee and $25 administrative fee per shipment scheduled will be deducted.

If the DNA test kit has already been shipped, a 50% refund will be applied to all unused home paternity or DNA test kits once the kit and unused FedEx return envelope has been returned to GTL by US Mail (must be postmarked within 15 days of order).

All returned checks will be electronically redeposited without further notice. By paying for your DNA test kit by check, it is understood that you agree to these terms.

Non-compliant DNA Test Samples

It is very important that the samples be received by the testing laboratory in the specified timeframe. It is important to comply to the allotted DNA or paternity testing timeframe. Failure to comply will result in additional costs associated with subsequent sampling or testing.

It's important to us you receive the answers you need. In the event that your DNA testing samples do not meet the stated requirements, we will attempt to contact you via telephone. If we get ahold of you, we will give you the option to proceed with non-compliant samples at your risk, or to purchase a second DNA or paternity test kit and repeat the sample collection. If we are unable to contact you, testing will commence as scheduled.

Following fees applied based on case situation:

  • Resample/Retest: $30 - $40 per DNA or paternity test kit shipment (three participants minimum)
  • Proceed with Non-compliant Samples (or if we cannot reach you prior to test): $85 - $125 to resample and retest
  • Additional fees may be included for legal cases, international shipments, or DNA tests involving more than three participants


Information about GTL and our DNA & Paternity Testing Services

At GTL, we believe that the steps to human identity should be simple, accurate, affordable, and convenient. For these reasons, we offer home DNA test kits for paternity, maternity, siblingship, grandparentage, and more, offering affordable and accurate results. Convenience is an important part of our procedures. By offering free overnight return shipping anywhere in the Contiguous USA for AABB-accredited legal DNA test kits, and free return shipping mailers for our Information DNA test kits, we hope to make this experience a simple as possible for you. Please explore our site today to learn more about our DNA testing procedures and dedication to our clients.

Order your DNA test or paternity test kit by visiting the individual test pages or by calling our toll free number 1 (866) 833-6895. As an added bonus, you will receive a free home DNA test kit if paid for at the time of ordering.

Discover the importance of legal paternity testing.

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