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Why Are Our Paternity Tests So Cheap?

A Few Simple Answers:

Your DNA paternity tests are much less expensive than most other labs. Why?

Actually, our prices are very competitive. Several years ago people expected to pay $450 or more for home paternity testing. Since customers were willing to pay, prices remained high. More recently, many more people have realized that DNA testing technology can help them answer questions about family relationships. As in any business, higher volume means prices can be reduced.

Still, are you "cutting any corners" to offer paternity testing services at these prices?

Absolutely not. We perform all DNA paternity tests at our laboratory, which is one of about 40 accredited DNA parentage labs in the world. Because we are accredited by the AABB , all DNA analyses whether informational or legally binding, are performed in exactly the same way. We use 16 genetic markers, the highest standard set of markers used in the paternity testing industry. These are "premium" tests, not "bargain basement" tests. In-fact, our paternity tests exceed the guidelines for human genetic identity testing, as set forth the F.B.I. Visit our page on the technology behind our tests for more information.

But, analyzing DNA is very "high-tech." Isn't it very expensive?

We use state-of-the-art, highly automated robotic equipment that yields extremely accurate and reproducible results. Consequently, we are afforded the ability to perform more DNA tests at a lower overhead cost per test. Also, we have worked hard to automate all data transfers between equipment and computers. This does two important things: it greatly reduces the potential for human error and requires less labor, which is expensive.

You say you do all paternity tests at your laboratory. Is this good?

Many companies that offer DNA tests are not DNA laboratories at all. They send your test to another paternity laboratory for the actual testing. That laboratory may be accredited, or not, but you can be sure it is the "lowest bidder." When you call to ask about your DNA test, the company may not know anything about it except that it was sent out for testing. At GTL, we perform our own DNA tests, so if you call we can answer any question you have about the status of your test. If you order a home kit from us, we also provide you with an online Status Report and Result Pickup page where you can get status and results through the internet. Finally, since we do all tests at our DNA testing laboratory, we don't have the delays caused by sending tests out and receiving results back. We guarantee paternity test results in 5 days, but more often than not they are ready in 3 or 4 days.

Learn more about the science behind DNA testing for paternity.

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