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Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing

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Prior to a child's birth, GTL can perform a prenatal DNA paternity test from DNA samples taken during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. DNA Samples must be collected by your doctor (an OB/GYN) in an amniocentesis or a CVS procedure. In an amniocentesis procedure, amniotic fluid from around the fetus is collected. In the CVS procedure, chorionic villi from the placenta are collected. The CVS procedure can be used for early detection 10-12 weeks into pregnancy. Amniocentesis can be performed between 12 and 21 weeks.

New York State Residents
New York State has specific requirements for DNA testing including: collection by a third party under chain of custody; the specimen must be accompanied by a test order from your physician or lawyer; and specimens must be submitted to and analyzed by a laboratory holding a NYS permit. Click here to view our New York State Department of Health certificate. Call 1-866-833-6895 to place an order.
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