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Our Accreditation & Partnerships

Some DNA testing laboratories advertise themselves as "accredited" by the AABB (which previously stood for the American Association of Blood Banks) while others do not. GTL is Accredited by the AABB and ISO 17025. Accredited laboratories have passed a rigorous review and inspection of their testing processes and laboratory to insure that tests are being done accurately and thoroughly. Accredited laboratories also participate in proficiency DNA testing and are re-inspected annually. In order for a DNA test to be admissible in court, the DNA test must be performed by an accredited paternity testing laboratory. Purchasing a paternity test through an unaccredited laboratory is at best a gamble; it may be cheaper, but should you sacrifice quality for such an important test?

To be an "accredited legal paternity test" the AABB requires that the DNA kit be shipped to an unrelated, third party witness and that the sample collection be witnessed by a neutral third party with no interest in the outcome of the test. Furthermore, photographic proof of identity is required to be submitted with the test to verify the identity of the persons submitting the samples.

By definition, home (or "self-collected") paternity tests are not accredited unless they meet the above requirements. Many families opt for a home paternity test kit because it is more affordable and they wish to be discreet. If any laboratory advertises an "accredited home test" without these requirements they are lying and violating AABB standards.

At the GTL, our Informational Home Test does not require proof of identity and is therefore not an AABB accredited test. The Legally Binding Home Paternity Test, however, is an accredited DNA test and comes with full instructions on the duties of the witness and what qualifies as proof of identity.

You may rest assured that the only difference between informational home paternity tests and GTL-collected accredited legal paternity tests is the manner of collection. The paternity DNA test is absolutely identical and follows all AABB standards and accepted in court.

Our Accreditation & Partnerships

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