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Links-links.jpgGTL offers quick, easy, and affordable DNA paternity testing services. Whether you are a mother who wants to confirm the identity of your child's father or a father who may have reason to believe "your" child might actually have a different biological father, our paternity testing services can give you the answers you need. We even offer prenatal paternity testing in the event that you need assistance in determining paternity before your child is born.

DNA paternity testing services from GTL involve several simple steps that include DNA sample gathering through cheek swabbing or blood sampling from the child and the alleged father, DNA sample submission, and comparative DNA analysis in our lab. When you do paternity testing with GTL, most analysis results are available within three business days. We have a five-day results guarantee. If you require paternity testing results right away, however, we also have options to allow for rush analysis results. You can even check your paternity test status online, and view the analysis report in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


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