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Legal Paternity Testing

Legal DNA Test Kits from GTL

When you need to establish paternity for legal reasons, legal paternity testing options from GTL are absolutely necessary. We'll not only provide the legal DNA test you need, but help you establish a procedural checklist to ensure your legal paternity testing results will be court admissible. Learn more about our informational DNA test options.

About Legal Paternity Testing

Legal paternity testing is different from standard informational paternity testing. To be considered a legal DNA test, your legal paternity testing must be supported by a two primary factors:

  • Proof of test participants identities A chain of custody of the samples collected (provided by a witness).
  • GTL offers legal paternity testing, a DNA test option that qualifies as an AABB accredited DNA test, which assures accuracy. And only legal paternity testing performed by an AABB accredited laboratory is admissible in court. GTL is an accredited lab and does not send your legal DNA test to another lab for analysis.

Because it is being used for court-related purposes, it is required that a disinterested witness receive the sample test kit, oversee sample collection and handling during legal paternity testing. A complete list of instructions and example documents are included with the paternity testing kit. In short, however, provided the steps below are followed exactly, the paternity test results from your legal DNA test will be admissible in court:

  • One (1) unrelated, disinterested witness is required.
  • The home test kit must be shipped to the unrelated witness and/or professional collector.
  • The unrelated witness collects the sample or observes the sample collection, according to the instructions supplied with the legal paternity testing kit.
  • Witness and sample providers then complete and sign the required paperwork as indicated on the examples provided.
  • Test participants must provide positive identification.*
  • Test participants (or legal guardian in the case of a minor or legally incompetent adult) and witness must sign and date copies of positive identification.
  • The witness then packages and seals the completed legal paternity test in the provided envelope.
  • Finally, the witness must seal and send the envelope, via 2nd-day courier, to GTL.
  • Also, a copy of a birth announcement or certificate is required for children younger than three (3) years old at time the legal paternity testing occurs.

*Acceptable proof of positive identification for legal paternity testing includes one of the following (signed and dated):

  • A recent photograph that clearly identifies legal DNA test participants
  • A clearly legible, color copy of a Military ID
  • A clearly legible, color copy of a State Drivers License
  • A clearly legible, color copy of a State or Federal ID

Disclaimer: Because courts and laws vary by state, GTL cannot guarantee a judge will accept the results of this legal DNA test as qualified evidence. If you complete the test, following all instructions exactly, however, and your witness is available to testify in court regarding the administration of the test, the paternity test results should be admissible in a court of law. If you still have questions regarding the admissibility of legal paternity testing, please consult your attorney.

Paternity Testing

If you do not require paternity test results for legal purposes, and do not foresee that ever being the case, GTL offers other DNA paternity testing for you, as an alternative to legal paternity testing. These informational DNA tests start at the affordable price of $79--because sometimes you just need to know.

Legal Paternity Testing: Getting Started

To get start with your legal paternity testing process with GTL, simply order a DNA paternity test. It's quick, affordable and legally binding.

If you have further questions about legal paternity testing, please call GTL at (866) 833-6895 today. If you are calling from outside the United States, please direct your inquiries regarding legal paternity testing from GTL to (575) 646-3465, and our knowledgeable and caring representatives will gladly help you.

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AABB Accredited

Accreditation Matters

To be AABB accredited, laboratories must pass a rigorous review and inspection of their laboratory and testing processes to ensure accuracy and thoroughness of testing. Also, accredited laboratories participate in proficiency DNA testing and are subject to annual re-inspection. For more about accreditation, please visit our accreditation page.

Accuracy Guarantee

Accuracy Matters

We can guarantee accuracy because of the standards to which we adhere regarding test performance. In addition to our AABB accreditation, we also participate in proficiency testing held by the College of American Pathologists three times a year. If you would like learn more about the importance of accreditation, please visit our accuracy guarantee page.

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