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DNA Paternity Testing
rated rated rated rated rated 5 out of 5
I am very pleased with the lab. The results were easy to read and completed in a timely manner. These results confirmed what we suspected without delay. Now this child can move on to find her real biological father.
- Bobbi, December, 2012
DNA Paternity Testing
rated rated rated rated not rated 4 out of 5
Thank you for giving me a piece of mind without the expense! Being the parent of the expected father is difficult because you can only go by word of mouth but; through GTL, I can afford to have a DNA test done!
- Nikii, December, 2012
DNA Paternity Testing
rated rated rated rated rated 5 out of 5
For 3 years I was looking for my son's father and going thru buying expensive DNA test until we came across GTL. We ordered the 79$ kit and we did the simple swab. 4 days later we got the results and my son now has his dad in his life. Thank u so much GTL. 5 Stars!!!
- Talicia, September, 2012
DNA Paternity Testing
rated rated rated rated rated 5 out of 5
If I feel the need, I would definitely use this lab again. I will also give high recommendations for the prompt and excellent service that is provided.
- Allyn, January, 2013
DNA Paternity Testing
rated rated rated rated not rated 4.2 out of 5
Thank you so much for you timely response! Now I know for sure that my darlings little boy is really my grandson. Thanks again!
- Linda, January, 2013

Ancestral Origins DNA Ancestry

With this simple DNA Ancestry test, your DNA profile is compared against hundreds of global populations and fourteen anthropological regions whose collective genetic information is known and scientifically validated. We then measure the likelihood that your genetic information is linked with each of those populations and regions, and plot the results on a very high resolution map which illustrates your unique geogenetic heritage from both a per-population view, and an overall regional view. DNA genealogy has never been so easy to understand!

About the Ancestral OriginsTM DNA Ancestry Map

DNA genealogy using the Ancestral OriginsTM DNA Test benefits greatly from GTL's experience and position as one of the worlds top human identity DNA testing laboratories. We've compiled data from scientific publications such as Forensic Science International and The Journal of Forensic Sciences; from organizations such as the Yale School of Medicine; and from our own population databases into what is now called "FoGG DBTM": the Focused GeoGenetic Database. We've also developed an analysis suite called FoggPopperTM which uses a human DNA profile to pull relevant data out of FoGG DBTM and then perform various calculations and follow certain algorithms to arrive at a result which reveals a person's strongest DNA ancestry. The data from this DNA ancestry test is then compiled into the Ancestral OriginsTM DNA Ancestry map, personalized for each customer.


Ancestral Map 1 Ancestral Map 2 Ancestral Map 3

Each Ancestral OriginsTM DNA Ancestry map is broken into three major sections: Population Matches, Native Region Matches, and Strength Indicators.

Population Matches: We measure your DNA individually against every population in our database, and mark how strongly your profile matched against each. On the population match map, each population has a shape which tells you which anthropological region that population belongs to, as well as a color to indicate how strong of a match you had with it. Green is the best match, yellow is a good match, and red means that no match or a weak match was made. In this set of calculations, we also indicate five special anthropological regions, which are actually groups of dispersed populations. A dispersed population is one that has migrated from a native land to somewhere else on the globe. Currently we have dispersed population data for African-Americans, European-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans and European-Australians.

Native Region Matches: Running a completely new set of calculations, and not using any of our "dispersed population" regions, we determine which anthropological native regions you have the strongest links with. The strongest match is indicated in green, any subsequent matches are indicated in yellow. While the population match map contains data concerning recent migrations to North America, the Native Region map does not, and can be considered more of a "Deep Roots" match.

Strength Indicators: The first strength indicator graph looks at the cumulative strength of all the populations in your matched regions, and shows you how strong each region is in comparison with each other. This way, you not only know how strong individual populations are with the population match map, but can look at the larger picture, and know how each represented region measures up with any other regions you may have matched. A second strength indicator looks at your native region matches (in the smaller map) and simply shows you how each native region compares in strength with any other native regions you may have matched.

Quality, Size, and Personalization

Each Ancestral OriginsTM DNA Ancestry map is printed using a photographic-quality five-dye printing process on glossy photographic paper. These images come out rich and beautiful and are suitable for framing and displaying with pride in your home. They come in two sizes. You can order a 17 x 10.6 inch version, which is the standard size you get with your order, or you can order an extra large 27.25 x 17 inch version, which is absolutely stunning and only $10 additional. Because every map is custom made, your map will have "Exclusively prepared for" followed by your name printed on it.

Preexisting Profiles

If you already have a DNA profile you'd like to use to generate an Ancestral OriginsTM DNA Ancestry map, please call us at 1-866-833-6895 and we'll be happy to get the ball rolling. The map with a preexisting profile costs $125 for the large map, and $135 for the extra-large map.

Choose your DNA ancestry test options

Please Note: All orders, shipping within the Contiguous USA, include a pre-paid return via your selected method of shipping.

Order Your Ancestral Origins™ DNA Ancestry Test

Discover your GeoGenetic links with populations around the world. Ancestral Origins™ is the most refined and easy to understand DNA genealogy test on the market.

Testing Agreement: By placing an order for an Ancestral Origins DNA Ancestry test you agree that you understand that: 1) a genetic ancestry analysis will be performed for you by GTL; 2) said analysis will measure the likelihood that your genetic profile would appear in the populations contained within our database; 3) your results may reveal unexpected genetic connections with populations and anthropological regions around the world; and 4) once we've received your DNA samples for testing, refunds are not possible.
  1. Each map is printed using a photographic-quality five-dye printing process on glossy photographic paper, and comes in two sizes: Large (17x10.6in.), and Extra-Large (27.25x17in.). Which would you like us to make for you?

  2. The shipment of your sample kit and the return of your DNA samples to the lab are covered by your selected method of shipment if you live within the Contiguous United States. Any sample kits sent outside the Contiguous United States cost an additional $10.

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  4. Would you like a professional telephone interpretation once you receive your Ancestral Origins DNA Ancestry map? Click here for details. Would you like a customized 9-page detail report along with your map? Click here for Sample Report. Read Morewhat is this?

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